Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Here's something stupid:

The mayor of Lafayette is proposing a $1000 fine to business owners who do not have graffiti removed from their buildings within 10 days.

No, seriously.

Yes, let's penalize the small business owners who already have enough things to worry about in a local economy that isn't exactly lucrative for them anyway. Here's an idea: let's make graffiti removal part of road crew or a community service opportunity, rather than the financial responsibility of the victims. And since when is graffiti a problem in Lafayette? Maybe this city, instead of sitting around tonight voting on a dumb idea, should be out plowing the roads that are still, after 7 hours, covered in 6 inches of snow.
I'll tell you what I'd do if I owned a building: I'd get a bunch of kids together to graffiti the entire fucking thing as an art project and sue the city when they tried to fine me. HA!