Sunday, March 25, 2007

Here is a story: in ancient Greece, there was a courtesan who had a great deal of status, as she was the most sought after courtesan of the time. Then, she fell in love. (Oh no!) She lost her status, as did he, and both of them spent the rest of their lives as outcasts. Why did this happen? Because people are selfish, jealous bastards and view others as comodities, not people, much of the time, so actually revelling in the happiness or success of others doesn't happen unless it benefits them in some way. The point, people suck. Most "adults" are no more mature than 9 year old bullies trying to dominate their inferiors on the playground to satisfy the insecurities they have their entire lives. Adults only become more sly about it. It irritates me that people have the nerve to shit all over something good because of their ignorance and own emotional damage. The end.