Saturday, July 14, 2007

Yesterday my mom and I went to Virginia Beach. The day was pretty disappointing... cloudy and cold. We should have gone today-it's unbearably hot and sunny. Oh well. We still had a good time.

Anyway... After sitting on the beach for a while, we both start to notice some suspicious-looking fins bobbing up in the water. We watch closely as they start to move back and forth in front of us about a hundred feet off shore. No one seems to be reacting, including the lifeguards. I'm fascinated-and trying to, as people do, rationalize that "maybe they're dolphins" or "maybe people around here know they're a non threatening type". But I'm convinced that they are, in fact, sharks. After a while, some people start to point at them and look at each other questioningly, but no one seems to be staying away from the water. In fact, one man actually takes his 3 year old daughter out waste-deep and points at the fins which are stalking the near distance. This is when I realized in a rather profound way what stupid sheep people are. This morning I came across this story about a Virginia Beach shark attack in 2001. Somehow I now have a feeling blatant stupidity was somehow involved. I wouldn't have felt sorry for a single one of those idiots in the water if they'd been attacked. Actually, I was sitting there drinking beer and sort of hoping it would happen. Of course, my mom made the observation, especially since we were pretty inebriated, that if a big tsunami were looming in the distance, we'd probably just sit there and say, "Man, look at that big fucking wave."