Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'm sitting on the porch swing outside my apartment with Dan drinking chai and whisky. In the last week or so since I've been back, I've managed to masterfully manuever my life so that I can work three jobs, freelance art and web design, go to yoga class, work on my yoga teacher training, and have one day off a week. I work at a health food store for the sweet discount and free expensive organic grocieries past their best by date (and all that I'm learning about herbs and alternative medicine.) I also work at Murkys in the morning and at a bar on the weekends. I always feel like I'm rearranging my life to do something or go somewhere, living out of boxes or on someone's couch. I'm thoroughly enjoying the experience of going to work and going home at night. But then, of course, there's the possibility of moving to Spain in 6 months, which is way too soon, and would require me subleasing my apartment and being unsettled and incredibly stressed out until then. And I just want to be able to settle into a normal life for a while. If the possibility holds out and I can go in a year, I'd do in a heart beat. Maybe I'd do it anyway. It's an incredible opportunity. But I'm really really not ready to even think about it.