Saturday, September 8, 2007

My apartment finally has furniture. I won't even go into the nightmare that was involved in my mother moving her stuff out of storage and into my spare bedroom, but suffice to say, most of it is still in storage. I'm still grateful to have shelves and a king size bed and my grandmother's china cabinet.

I'm sitting here reading about the latest actress who posed nude before she was famous. I'm so sick of these stupid bitches "apologizing" for doing it and giving some sob story about how they "needed the money." The only reason anyone cares is because people love to see a groveling, fallen woman that they can throw stones at. If one of them would just say "yeah, I got naked for a camera. So fucking what? It was great and empowering", I bet no one would publish a single story about it because they couldn't bask in someone else's humiliation. I've posed nude lots of times, and if I got famous, I wouldn't give two shits if anyone saw the photos or knew about them. Obviously if I was worried about someone seeing me naked, I wouldn't have allowed myself to be PHOTOGRAPHED that way. Ugh.

Anyway. I'm going to go make some spinach and quinoa.