Friday, October 19, 2007

Christina is in town for her fall break. We drank girly martinis at Bistro and stalked our old boss at Nine Irish Brothers, who bought us shots of Jameson and sat and talked with us. We ended up at my strip club, but it was uneventful.

I just got back from Chicago. I took Dan to see his $400 an hour psychiatrist. The whole thing really just served to piss me off. Psychiatry is such a joke. This man spent thirty minutes with Dan. Dan said he felt bad. The Psychiatrist asked ME what I thought the issue was. I told him Dan hated his job, felt stagnant and unstimulated, and should find another job. The psychiatrist repeated what I said, told him to get another job, and wrote him three useless prescriptions for random, new drugs, on top of his old prescriptions, and charged him $200. One of the things he prescribed was Ritilin. Ritilin turns people into zombies... no one even prescribes it anymore. I couldn't believe how useless he was. I thought, I could do this, but I could actually help people. No one is interested in the sources anymore, or causes. People are only interested in symptoms, in making people think that they're natural fluxes are an illness. I leave exception for the exceptionally unhealthy, but the number of functional members of society convinced of their dysfunction is disgusting. It made me think of the movie Brain Candy. Our society really does just want a bunch of catatonics walking around continually funneling money into the drugs they believe they're dependant on.

I had the thought to look into nutritional psychology. It's one of the few valid fields of psychology, in my opinion, and one of the most attacked. A great example of this is the current, insane propaganda of "vitimins are dangerous." 0 people died from a "vitimin overdose" last year. How many thousands died from prescriptions spoon fed to them by some shrink who got a vacation to Hawaii as an incentive from the drug companies? This could be a career possibility for me, and I could actually work with teenagers and people with eating disorders, obesity, sugar addictions and nutritional deficiency-related depression. Drugs are like fad diets, and they can't replace nutrition and introspection, just as diet and exercize can't be replaced as a solution for weight loss. There is no "quick fix" for people's problems. Drugs may help, but it should never be the first "go to" solution. And thats' what they've become. I think I've always had an aversion to psychology because my mother is a psychologist and most of what dominates the field is politically motivated bullshit. And I was always raised with the attitude that it was bull shit. Plus I HATED psych 101. But this could actually be something to take seriously.

Anyway. I finally got glasses, just short of failing my driver vision test. I can see things now!