Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm Charlottesville visiting my mom. Last night we watched All About Eve... the classic Bette Davis epic and beginning of Marilyn Monroe's career. We were lusting all of the various fur accessories throughout the movie. I've always wanted a fur coat. I'm not sure why - it always seemed glamorous and no one does it anymore. All of the animal activism craziness has put it out of style, but there's something undeniably classy and womanly about a fur. And so today my mom and I were at a shop and there, waiting for me, cranberry colored, hand-sewn pom mink stole. It was both love and fate. Of course I bought it. I now own a mink. Not just a mink, but a really unique one.

I considered writing a long blog entry about why I don't consider it wrong to wear fur, but I'll spare you.

Charlottesville is great. I love it everytime I come here. Today we're going to the vinyard we visited last night for some spectacular gouda and cabernet franc. I should wear my mink. Hee.