Friday, November 16, 2007

I haven't had cable or internet in over a year. Here I am, on a Friday night, sitting on my ass, watching Erin Brockavich on TV and surfing the internet. How sad. I've only had cable for about 2 days and I already want to cancel it. About the only thing that's nice about it is that I see movie previews. I've maybe seen two movies in the last two years... mostly because I don't ever know what's out. Otherwise, it's all trash. Dumb girls in bikinis and obnoxious sitcoms. I just saw an advertisement for some reality show called "Intervention" where they exploit the pitiful misery of people with meth, prescription drugs and alcohol. The world makes me so depressed. I work in a fucking strip club and five minutes of television is more dark and depressing to me than anything I've seen there.

Interesting note... I've had some problems with my art studio. It's in the Reifer's Building, which is now taken over by the bank, as the former owner went into bankruptcy. It's been managed by a guy who I've been unable to get ahold of... and I don't even want to complain about anything, just rent more space. I don't have a lease anymore and neither does anyone else in the building. Basically the management is non-existent. But anyway... I noticed that they'd actually added my name to the directory downstairs. There's a sign that says "Gwyne Bahler, 3rd floor." They even spelled it right. It struck me as odd... they won't return my emails, but they'd take the time to do that.

Anyway, I never did post any pictures of my apartment. This is my happy little cave where I'm now sitting contently drinking wine and chatting on the internet. This is the best Friday night I've had in a long time.