Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas was less than pleasant. Somehow they always turn out that way. Last year, I went home from the Bahler family Christmas crying. This year I didn't even both going. I stayed at home with my mother and Christina. My mother was volitile as always, and there were good moments, but they barely outweighed the ones where she was ranting and screaming. Christmas eve I walked out of my apartment and roamed the streets of downtown and took a long drive, crying pitifully and wishing I'd just volunteered at the shelter instead of participating in all of this bull shit. Christmas can be such a great thing, but only if you really have a family that's warm and loving. My family has never been warm or loving, except in a few isolated, redeeming moments, which never seem to happen on holidays.

Misery lingered until Christmas was over officially. Then last night Christina and my mom and I went to Nicky Blaine's in downtown Indianapolis and had a fabulous time. We ended up drinking two bottles of wine, dancing to the jazz band and stumbling through the rain in downtown Indianapolis.

I took this picture Christmas morning...