Monday, December 17, 2007

The Oxygen network. "Oxygen delivers edgy, intelligent entertainment for women and the men who love them."

Um... let's review the lineup. First of all, we have the show "The Bad Girls Club." This show is all about a bunch of anorexic, self absorbed bitches who are self-declared "bad girls". They are the dregs of society, according to Oxygen's "edgy, intelligent" standards: strippers, girls who will "cut you up", who steal from the registers at their menial food service jobs, alcoholics and promiscuous bimbos. But what actually makes them "bad girls" is their affinity for getting drunk and having bitch-fights in bikinis by the hot tub while male viewers mute their TVs and wank off. I get plenty of criticism for what I do for a living--I'm a stripper (who has never been in a drunk bitch-fight, incidentally), and apparently stripping is "degrading to women." I hear that crap all the time. Excuse me, but women seem pretty busy degrading themselves on a much more public forum. We have a network for "edgy, intelligent women" that endorses and promotes stereotypes of women as dumb, self-absorbed, mean, belligerent, shallow, classless, unambitious, promiscuous and, of all things, misogynistic. Ironically, the stripper is the smartest and least obnoxious one on the show.

Then we have the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. This is a show which I cannot even stomach long enough to watch an entire episode, but one needs only see three or four minutes to know that it's an ego trip for some has-been bag who hit her career peak as a model thirty years ago and who has had so much plastic surgery she's practically humanoid. She basically walks around telling emaciated, starry-eyed young girls who aspire to be models that they're too fat. It's a show entirely dedicated to making women feel bad about themselves so some vile hag can relive her glory days in psychosis. If one of these girls didn't have an ounce of body fat on her, she'd tell them to have their eyelids liposuctioned and injected into their lips. It's offensive, it's vile, it does nothing but empower the sins of this culture's media which I don't even need to name.

These seem to be the only two shows on this channel's line up, probably because they have no money for production, which hopefully foretells their eminent demise. Occasionally they have reruns of mediocre, feel-good chick flicks like the Amanda Bynes epic, What a Girl Wants. How about some shows about female attorneys or, at the very least, high school graduates. How about some shows where the women have witty dialogue and keep their clothes on and don't demean each other? How about some shows that don't make me want to go out and get a sex change operation?