Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm strangely happy. It's not any one thing. Part of it has to do with Christina being home for her Christmas break--simply the luxury of having my otherwise-absent best friend around at the end of every day. It's that lovely sense of comfort that you only have in really strong relationships where you think "I can get through today because there will be someone there to hear about it." The other thing is that I'm more optimistic about my art and my professional life. I've been getting a lot more clients recently who are leading to other opportunities and more exposure. Plus I have the space, which I'm starting to feel really good about, even though I haven't begun to even tackle the hell of painting it or fixing it up. Third, I'm planning ways to escape, inspite of my ties to Lafayette at present. Going to Europe in March, going back to camp this summer, going to Burning Man. Fourth, I have cats, which make me feel happy and loved everytime they curl into my lap. Fifth, a really hot man who makes me feel like I'm some sort of animal in heat. I won't say anymore. Sixth, my mother's mammogram came back clear, and the lumps in her breast aren't malignant. Seventh, I've been spending more time with my friends than I have in a long time and reading more books and cooking dinner for myself. All good things.