Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nathan was in town this weekend, which was great, and it was also Christina's last weekend in town, which was sad. Nathan is the "new guy", for all of you who follow my life on here with such enthusiasm. I like him. And he's hot. Girls mack on him at bars and waitresses stumble over themselves in restaurants. I don't care if it makes me shallow--I completely get off on it. Of course he's also a lot of other things besides hot, including a good cook. There is nothing sexier than a man who can make amazing stir fry with meat that he hunted and butchered.

Today I'm hungover. Having dinner with Tessa in a bit. Going to try not to drink too much sake and end up miserable again tomorrow. Stressing out about so many things... I need to get working on my gallery, I need to make a bunch of money this week and I need to get my car fixed...

Last night I was out and a guy came up to me when I was with Nathan and said, "I'm not used to seeing you with your clothes on." He was a customer. The way he said it made me want to punch him in the face. I mean I know guys are going to recognize me. Lafayette's not that big of a town. But what makes them think they have the right to say two words to me in my real life, especially in front of the man that I'm with? I probably saw 7 customers between the two bars I went to last night. 4 of them spoke to me, the other three just smiled and waved. It's not like this is the first time... it's happened while I was buying art supplies, groceries, at a coffee shop... everytime the same conversation. "Do I know you?" "Do you think you know me?" "Where do you work?" "Where do you think I work?" "Wait a second... you work at..." I need to find another town to dance in. It's not so much that I care who knows I'm a stripper--everyone does, even my parents--but I didn't anticipate assholes accosting me when I'm standing in checkout lines.