Wednesday, January 2, 2008

This was probably the best New Years that I've ever had. Most of them have been pretty depressing and unmemorable. I've been trying to remember what I did last year on New Years Eve and I actually have no recollection of it. Perhaps I was abducted by aliens and should undergo regressive hypnosis. I spent this year with a sweet and handsome man and his friends and lots of alcohol and it was very memorable.

I think New Years resolutions are crap. I think what people should have are New Years GOALS. I wrote down a few months ago what my goals were for the coming year. Go to Europe, save up a semester's tuition, try mescaline and acid, read a book every week, lose 15 lbs, train for a mini-marathon, grow my hair another 6 inches, take horseback riding lessons, only eat out once a week and cook healthful, meditative meals, go to Burning Man.

Across the street from my studio, an empty store front opened up. I eyed it for a few days, then finally called for information. It's 3,000 sq ft with a perfect workshop and studio space in the back. The front can be turned into a gallery. I rented it. I'm going to make it work, goddamnit.

I've been contemplating legally extending my name... Gwyneth, Gwynevere, Gwyndolyn. What do you think?